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Ad networks continue to be adopted by more direct marketers and brand advertisers as a strategy to target and reach prospective customers.  Here are some of the key advantages that networks have over direct publisher relationships:

Feature Advantage
Cost Almost all network purchase options (CPM, CPA, etc) are less expensive than buying directly.
Payment Many networks will offer opportunities to pay based on CPM, CPC, and/or CPA.
Reach Because of their sheer size, networks provide a way to reach a larger number of prospects.
Targeting From demographics to behavioral targeting, networks typically provide more options.
Optimization Many networks have sophisticated algorithms that will optimize your buy over time.
Ad Formats Networks will in most cases offer more ad format choices to accommodate your creative strategies.
Analytics and Reporting Many networks provide sophisticated reporting, analytics, and tools that help you optimize your buy.

It can be a daunting task to determine which network is the right fit for you – especially with 653 ad networks to choose from. Whether you are new to the concept of networks or a veteran, make an informed decision and use this site to find out which networks offer the features and benefits important to you.

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